• Christmas Charcuterie Board, Yes PLEASE

    December is the time of year you get to eat all of your favorite sweets before those New Years’ resolutions kick in, and after the crazy year this has been, I think we’ve all earned it. So grab your favorite mugs and get ready for a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board that puts the Merry in Merry Christmas!
  • Erica's Holiday Gift Guide

    Wondering where to start with your holiday shopping? No problem! I’ve created a holiday gift guide with a few of my favorite things for ...
  • Dia De Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta

    There is a chill in the air, the leaves are beginning to fall, and skeletons walk the streets of Puerto Vallarta. No, it’s not the end of the world, it’s Dia De Los Muertos! Every year, from October 31st to November 3rd our town comes alive as we welcome back our loved ones from the land of the dead. This may sound scary, but The Day of The Dead is actually a celebration of life, a time that we fill with laughter, music, art, and stories meant to honor the memory of those we have lost.
  • Gypsy Halloween 2020: Let’s Go!

    Wondering how to keep your community’s Halloween traditions alive during this time of social distance? Can’t bear the thought of skipping your child’s favorite time of the year? Stock up on some scary sweets! You don’t need to cancel, you just need to get creative!
  • Three Tips to Hit Your Fall Groove

    For our northern neighbors, fall is a time for color, crisp temperatures, and falling leaves. In tropical Mexico, things aren’t cooling off much, but we definitely notice a transition taking place! Kids are back to school and we are all trying to work ourselves back into the groove. 
  • Time for a new school year already?

    Each September has a definite vibe to it, even if you aren’t going back to school. We all seem to get into the spirit! It’s that buzz...
  • Coming up poppies!

    Nothing says summer like the flamboyant colors in a field of wildflowers. At Erica Maree, we’re excited to roll out our new line of totes, featuring our big, bold poppyseed design! Check them out online at or visit us at our Basilio Badillo store location.
  • Five Hot Quarantine Hacks for Summer 2020

    Whether you’re self-isolating after a trip or just following your local government’s guidelines, we’ve got five great tips to beat your summer quarantine blues! 
  • Four Quick Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

    You might be spending more time at home lately and feeling a bit hemmed in. Would you like to snazz up your outdoor living space but can’t quite find that inspiration? Here are some tips from Erica Maree on how to make those small changes that can lead to a bold new look al fresco!
  • Chase Your Rainbow

    There is just something about rainbows 🌈 Magical, elusive and inspiring, rainbows remind us to chase our dreams, hopes and adventures with...
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